This Blog is for those who consider themselves “travellers” rather than “tourists”. Based on my travelling experience I will share some good tips for your next trip planning and also some recipes for food you should try once at your travel destination and maybe cook yourself to be prepared for your next adventure.


The world

Articles labelled with a geographical name (ex. Italy) contains my suggestions and recommendations about the Countries I’ve visited, especially the places, sites and experiences you shoulnd’t miss once there. Exploit it and let me know if my articles were helpful to you.

World cooking

Home made pizza

Food experiences are an essential part of a travel adventure. Articles labelled as “cooking exercise” contain my favourite recipes per each destination. Turn yourself into a cook before travelling so that tastes and flavours won’t be a surprise for you in any geographical area.

Travel tips

Local Guide always makes the difference

Wonder what to pack for a specific destination? Eager to know what temperatures to expect or how long you should stay at each place in your travel itinerary? Articles labelled as “Travel Tips” are for you. Expolit my suggestions and enjoy you trip.

Not all those who wander are lost……

J. R. R. Tolkien

About me

My name is Matteo and I am Italian. I’m a big traveller and I want to share my travel experience with you.

Find out more in the about me page

Contact me

  • yourtravelrecipes@libero.it
  • +39 335 5654663

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