Tourism plans its resurrection, like the Rose of Jericho.

Among the several fields impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is for sure the one that will suffer the longest terms consequences. As travel bans or restriction are the last in line to be lifted, most of the tourism flows in the near future will be domestic, within the context of each individual Country. That’s not bad, obviously.

I am Italian and, although I have travelled 113 Countries so far, there are several places and areas of Italy I have never visited, as I was used to say to myself that I would have plenty of time to explore very short haul destinations once retired. when far distances might be too challenging to cover. I had to change my mind and I am now planning my next holidays to Sicily. I have been there before several times when I was a kid as my grandparents had a house there, although I never explored the island properly.

Tourism must resurrect!

During this lockdown I had the chance to clean up my house deeply. Not that I don’t do it regularly but there are few cleaning tasks that I always postpone such as dusting the books on my shelves. I did it and I found a fully dried up Rose of Jericho, which I bought during a trip to the Middle Est, long ago. I forgot this plant on a shelf, behind some books, and I remembered that such plant, whose scientific name is Selanginella Lepidophylla, is also nicknamed “the Plant of Resurrection or the “eternal plant”.

The Rose of Jericho
The Rose of Jericho or “the Plant of Resurrection.

The Rose of Jericho can in fact survive in the Middle Est dry deserts for a very long time without any water. In all this time, the plant rolls itself up to form a light brown ball and it stays as such until a raindrop falls on it. Then, when rain starts, the rose slowly reopens its leaves and reveals its green colour, as if blood started running through its veins again. It simply “resurrects”. Then, when the rain stops, it rolls again into a ball.

The Rose of Jericho after the rain

In this this difficult time the tourism industry is like the rolled up Rose of Jericho, hoping for the rain to come and blossom again, and so are all those workers around the world whose job are at risk. Tourism will not resurrect by itself. We will be the ones to let the rain fall and make it resurrect, in just 2 simple moves:

1 – Be a domestic tourist for once. If we are big travelers we probably have neglected some destinations in our own country, saving them for a later time with the excuse that we will find some time, sooner or later, to go visit them. This is the time. We might be scared to travel, upset of the costs involved by long haul destinations. Such fears might be true for a while, until travel bans and restrictions will be into force. Thus, travel domestically is a good solution and the tourism engine will re-start, also.

2 – Don’t quit planning or booking long haul destinations. You might have wondered about visiting another continent for long, so don’t despair, keep on studying, collect information and plan your ideal travel. The current emergency won’t last forever. The travel you always dreamed of is still possible. Just wait.

Let me know your point of view about it, you might have ideas I didn’t think of to support the tourism industry.

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