Travelling is a Rapsody in Blue

What is your favourite colour?

I like every colour, however, if I had to make a choice I would definitely say that my favourite is Blue.

Today I want to share with you a real Rapsody in Blue through a set of pictures that Gabriele Merlo, a professional photographer and my usual travel mate took during our travels to several areas of the planet. The photo included in this post display blue sceneries, both natural and architectural and convey a message of relaxation and elegance as well as the magnitude of Mother Nature, which is the best scenographer ever.

1 – Morocco. The city of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is known as the Blue City. In fact, most of the city is painted in this colour. It is said that blue is a natural insect repellent, thus it prevents mosquitos from approaching anything that is blue. I don’t know if it’s true, however also in sub Saharan Countries blue fabrics are displayed outside the houses and in the middle of the bushes to prevent Tze Tze flies to bother, so there might be something true.

In any case, blue is what makes the scenery here, not only the outer walls of the houses but also the streets and the stairs are sometimes painted in blue. A stroll along the narrow allys of Chefchaouen  is definitely a very relaxing travel activity.

Blue ally in Chefchaouen – Photo by Gabriele Merlo
Cityscape of Chefchaouen – Photo by Gabriele Merlo

2 – Perù – Lake Titicaca

Perù is a lot more than Machu Pichu. The archeologic Inca site may be what makes you decide to go visit the Country but there is quite a lot of natural attractions in Peru that are worth a visit. If you don’t get altitude sickness you can enjoy a lot, including the mighty Lake Titicaca. This huge mountain lake is in fact located at 3800 meters above the sea level and the local population have a tight relation with it. This solitary fisherman sails on the lake in the very early morning, just before the break of dawn, on a sunny summer day, when the whole lake area gets painted in blue.

Fisherman on Lake Titicaca – Photo by Gabriele Merlo

3 – India – Jodhpur

Jodhpur is also called the Blue City although the blue area is now reduced to a small city district called Nauchokia. When you visit the Jodhpur fort and you get to the very tip of the rock on which it was built, you’ll find a small Indu temple and, from there, a wide view over the blue city will appear in front of you. Reaching Nauchokia from the ground is a bit difficult: the city is very big but the streets of the old town do not allow cars to roam around, so the best solution is to jump on a local tuk-tuk and let it take you there. Then, just start strolling and don’t be afraid to get lost. You won’t. Blue will be all around you.

Windows of Jodhpur – Photo by Gabriele Merlo
Courtyard in Jodhpur – Photo by Gabriele Merlo

4 – Australia – The Great Barreer Reef

There is not much for me to say about this extraordinary masterpiece of Mother Nature: you might have seen it in several tv shows and documentaries. The colours here span from a very light, green shaded, blue to the the deep blue of the ocean in a distance and to the incredibly clean Australian Sky. There is no other way to visit it but to take a scenic flight. I didn’t include a picture of the famous “heart shaped island”, which I have, and which you might have seen already several times. Let’s enjoy some other sections of it.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia. Photo by Gabriele Merlo
Great Barrier Reef – Australia. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

5 – Jerusalem – The Dome of the Rock.

Is there another place on Earth as holy as Jerusalem? Certainly not. The Dome of the Rock stands there since centuries and it illuminates the landscapes with its golden dome. However, when you walk on the esplanade over Temple Mount, your eyes are caught by the myriad of blue tiles that decorates the outer walls of the building.

The Dome of the Rock – Photo by Matteo Gazzarata

6 – Istanbul – The Blue Mosque

I have been to Istanbul several times. On the wide esplanade overlooking the Bosphorus, stand several architectural masterpieces: the Agya Sofia church, now turned into a museum, the Topkapi Palace, home to the Sultans, the remains of the Roman Hippodrome and the mighty Blue Mosque. When you stand before it you feel there is nothing blue and you wonder why it is known under such name. The blue is inside. There is an immense set of coloured decorations on the walls, the domes and the half-domes where blue prevails over other colours.

Blue Mosque – Istanbul – Photo by Matteo Gazzarata

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