Hunting Renzo Piano: tour the world looking for the greatest Italian Architect

A new word entered our vocabularies in the past decades: Archi-Star. It is commonly used to refer to that group of architects whose imagination, creativity and practical skills managed to promote the construction of building that impress, astonish and surprise.

From every continents and cultural background, these architects will be the masters that the archaeologists of the future will study in their books and will be remembered forever for the innovations they brought. It’s a small group of geniuses which includes the British Norman Foster, the Canadian Frank Gehry, the Spanish Santiago Calatrava and the Iraqi Zaha Hadid, the only woman in this group, who unfortunately died too soon.

Within this group is included the most talented contemporary Italian Genius: Renzo Piano.

As well as his mates, Renzo Piano disseminated the world with his creative buildings, thought out and designed with his own style and with his own touch, which is what makes them unmistakable even if you are not familiar with his work. He was born in Genova (do not mistake it for Geneva which is in Switzerland) and during his long career he managed to build some of the most iconic landmarks of the contemporary world.

So let’s tour the world with him, following some of his most impressive projects that embellish city centres around the world and even the African Savannah.

1 – The Hermes flagship store in Tokyo – Japan

Photo from the web

2 – The Parliament of Malta

Photo from the web

3 – The youth surgical centre of Entebbe – Uganda

Photo from the web

4 – The Shard – London – UK

Photo from the web

5 – Numea Cultural Centre – Numea – New Caledonia

Photo from the web

6 – Old Port of Genova – Italy

Photo from the web

7 – The Auditorium – Music Park – Rome – Italy

Photo from the web

8 – NEMO Museum – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Photo from the web

9 – Museum of Science – Trento – Italy

Photo from the web

10 – The New York Times Building – New York  – USA

Photo from the web

11 – The San Paolo Building – Torino – Italy

The reason why I included this building in this list of Renzo Piano’s works is because it is in my city, Torino. However it also is one of his most modern concepts: the building is self supporting as it produces itself almost all the energy it needs and, above all, it houses a botanic garden, open to the public, on the top. The view from the 37th floor is simply unique: the city below your feet and the Alps all around you.

Photo from the web

12 – In progress – The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures – Los Angeles – USA

This building is still under construction but, upon its completion, will be the largest Museum of Cinema in the world. Can’t wait for it!!!

Photo from the web

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