Italy: essential instruction for use 2020

Are you planning to travel to Italy in the next months? Wether it is for business or for leisure, there are few things you should know while planning your trip.

The first thing you should consider is your Country of origin. The European Union released a list of Countries whose citizens are allowed to travel within the context of the EU Member States. The rationale behind such listing is found in the virus outbreak level in all Countries and the measures to counteract it. If you are from a Country where virus is heavily outbreaking and measures to counteract it are not enforced a reasonable level, you might not be allowed to eneter the European Union.

Such list is updated every 15 days by the European Commission, the European Council and the Member States, thus keep an eye on it constantly at the following link

As far as Italy is concerned, you find all information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at this link . Also keep an eye to such website as information are changing constantly as long as the virus outbreak in each Country evolves.

Few things for you to know:

At major hubs in Italy such as Rome Fiumicino (airport code FCO) and Milan Malpensa (airport code MXP), a set of controls are enforced such as temperature checks and tampons, in case of suspect. In the event you are found positivie to the test you may not be allowed to disembark from the plane.

Face masks: Italy is divided into 20 Regions, each with a local government. Despite the national regulation, each Region may decide to enforce stricter rules or to ease other based on the outbreak level within the context of its own territory. At the present moment regulations are pretty much homogeneus all across the Country. As far as face masks are concerned, at the present date, masks are mandatory every time you anter and indoor public area such as shops, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and so on. At restaurants you can remove your masks only when you eat.

Social distancing: we rather call it physical distancing, not social. This is kept alive. You need to respect a distance of at least 1 meter from any other person, except as from the members of your family who you live with. Hand shakes and hugs are not allowed.

Visits: Museums and tourist attractions are all open. In some cases the visiting hours and opening days have been reduced, but they are all open. At the entrance you always find hand sanitizers and in many cases also temperature checks. I recommend you to buy the tickest on line in advance to avoid the queues as the number of daily visitors is currently limited to a certain volume depending on the size of the attraction or wether it is an open air or an indoor one.

Health coverage: in Italy the health system is public and FREE. If you are a citizen of a EU Member State you just need your European Health Card and nothing will be charged. If you are from a Country outside the EU, you may want to subscribe a health insurance for your own tranquillity, however in case of emergency you will get your treatment (including surgeries) immediately and for free. We don’t leave anyone behind when health is concerned. You might have heard about the very first two Covid patients in Italy who were from China. They have been treated at a hospital in Rome for more than 3 months, until their complete recovery…for free. When they left they decided to leave a donation to the hospital.

Now realx, keep yourself udated by checking frequently the website at the links above, and come to Italy.

We had to respcet a strict lockdosn for 2 months and we did it seriously so that now the situation is really under control. Very few cases are detected daily, thus making Italy nowadays among the safest Country to travel to.

My final suggestion for you it to hire a local guide at every place you plan to visit. Dealing with someone who is a local makes it easier for you to deal with regulations that might be diffrent from one place to the next, it may help you skip lines and you obviously get a lot more information to learn about the places you visit.

2 thoughts on “Italy: essential instruction for use 2020

    • Thank you Nanchi. You are right, it will be difficult to travel anywhere this year, however there has been a too big spread of information about travelling that is making us very hard to get to know the truth about the scenario in some specific countries. Thus getting first hand info might be good in any case.


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