Put this into your bucket list

If you are planning to go viti Italy, sooner or later, don’t forget to include this site into your agenda. It’s the amazing Crypt of St. Anastasius in Asti. I’ll write a post soon about this place but meanwhile, llok at this picture to get started. You might have never listened about the Italian city called Asti, but you should definitely go visit. It’s a real hidden gem!!!

The Crypt of St. Anastasius in Asti

The Crypt was built in two steps: the first one in the year 1000 A.C. and then a renovation and enlargement in the year 1150 A.C.

It really doesn’t matter what religion you practice or if you are religious at all. What you have to admire here are the amazing architectural skills and expertise of our ancestors, even we don’t even know their names.

Stay tuned to get more info about his place very soon.

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