An orange streetcar

I believe that a simple and cheap way to discover a new city, including the areas that are out of the tourism circuits or that are not home to a famous or specific attraction it to buy a tickect for a tram and ride it from its origination until the final stop.

I have found so many hidden treasures by roaming around this way and I will keep on doing it.

In my city, Turin, it’s very easy, there are several streecar lines that cross the city for north to south or from est to west. The main highlights are obviously in the city centre but there’s plenty of treasures even in the suburbs that you will not see unless you get the chance to get lost in a different city area.

So jump on my street car, sit close to a window and just admire.

Streetcar line 13 crosses the city of Turin from East to West. Photo by Matteo Gazzarata

2 thoughts on “An orange streetcar

  1. It is, especially when you are first time visitor in a city. When I visited San Francisco for the first time I took the so called F line which crosses the whole city from Castro to Fishermens’ warf and it was a good way to explore the city. Same as I did in Amsterdam, Prague and many other cities. A lot cheaper than those double decked bussed that are always crowded and do only go to the scheduled attractions. I like to explore a lot more than that.


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