My 2020 Summer trip to Sicily

Summer 2020 will be remembered by all of us as a very unique time. I was used to plan my summer trip abroad starting from October, every year: I pick a destination and start working on it. I read books about it, I search for the history of the country and the specific places I want to visit and then I start booking flights, accommodations and activities. It usually takes me 4 to 5 months to plan my whole trip as responses from far away Countries or from areas where internet is not yet well developed may take some time.

Those of us who are lucky enough to travel in 2020 will mostly plan domestic trips, within the context of their own Countries, although in some , such as Australia, people are not even allowed to move from one State to another.

As far as Italy is concerned, at the present moment the covid situation seem to be under control with a pretty low number of cases detected daily, thus travelling within the Country is allowed. That is why I decided to go to Sicily.

Map of Sicily. Italy

It won’t be my first time to Sicily as my grandparents, from my mother side, were from Messina, thus I visited Sicily many times as a kid, however I was used to reside in ust one place and never actually explored the whole Island, which I will do this time.

On my way to Sicily I will stop in Caserta, a small city very close to Naples, and approx 900 km from Torino, to visit the largest Royal Palace in the world: the Reggia di Caserta and its gardens. I have also booked dinner at a place which is considered the best in the world for Pizza: Masanielli!!!! I can’t wait for that.

The next day I will drive to Sicily and my first stop will be Taormina. I also booked en excursion to the Etna Mount. Etna is the tallest active Volcano in Europe which erupts pretty frequently, thus the climbing of it is supposed to be a real adventure. I will then move to Syracure, the birthplace of Archimedes and will stay on the Island of Ortigia.

I will then move to Noto and Modica, two places that are considered the homeland of the Baroque Architecture, which also have been included in the UNESCO world heritage list due to their architectural value, not to mention that Modica is considered one of the world capitals of Chocolate.

Then to Agrigento to visit the Valley of the Temples, which is a compound of 3 Greek temples still standing in the middle of the valley connecting the city to the Mediterranean sea.

The temple of Harmony in Agrigento

Then to Marsala to visit the famous wine cellars where the unique local wine was born and to visit the saltworks which are supposed to provide great photo opportunities especially at sunset. The I will move to Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. There are so many attractions in town that it’s almost impossible to decide which one has priority. I decided to go for the Cathedral, which is a mix of several architectural styles, the Norman Palace, and the Opera House, then obviously the markets of Vucciria and Ballarò.

I have added an extra day of full relax at the seaside in Cefalù, and then I will start heading back: one last stop in Sicily will be in Messina to see the belltower of the Cathedral and its golden statues moving at midday. Then I will board the ferry and drive to Tropea, in Calabria, famous for its sweet onions and the rocky beach before the bluest Tirrenian sea. Then to Amalfi where I managed to book a small boutique hotel for a very cheap price (Amalfi is unfortunately very expensive) right in the main square.

One very last stop in San Gimignano, in Tuscany on the way back to Torino.

I will write about this trip to Sicily once back, as I definitely want to explore, enjoy, have some very good food and relax. Spring 2020 has been difficult for me and my family also, thus we all deserve some sort of switch off from work, for once although we are a gourp of 10 people which also is some sort of work.

4 thoughts on “My 2020 Summer trip to Sicily

  1. I truly enjoyed this post. We have twice rescheduled our month long trip to Sicilia for language school in Taormina and touring the remainder of the time. You have given me fresh ideas for our trip which I know will happen. My husband spent a month in Sicilia last fall while I was in Bologna at language school. Thus the impetus to return. Ci sentiamo come se l’Italia fosse la nostra seconda casa. Grazie per la tua blog.

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