Back to school after Corona

We made it!!! Seven months after the first country wise lockdown and after endless debates about the opportunity and the methods to re open schools in Italy, it finally happend. On september 14th, 2020, the Italian schools re opened their doors to the students.

Schools’ re opening has a very important meaning as it stresses out the the worst about corona has gone. Not that the virus is gone definetely away but that it’s now under control and its possible second ourbreak can be kept at a reasonable and sustainable level until a vaccine is found and released to the wider public.

We have lived the past few weeks in anticipation, as so many different voices spoke in favour or against the schools re start, some saying that preventive measures would not be sufficient to protect the students and the teachers, some other saying that all what is reasonably possible has been done and much still depends on our personal behaviour. “Don’t lower the guard” and “ease restrictions” have been the opposite mantras for the past 3 weeks.

It is expected that in 3 or 4 weeks time after school re start, the number of daily cases will increase a bit, but this time authorities say we are better prepared, people are more conscious of the danger and will keep their behaviour in a preventive mode. Face masks are still in use, in some cases also outside, while in every indoor place we still have to sanitize our hands and to have our face mask on. No one can predict exactly if and how much the school restart will contribute to develop a second wave, which will probably happen, but a second lockdown appears to be out of the possibilities. For the time being, althoguh we still record cases daily, Italy is pretty far from the numbers recorded in other Countries, especially France and Spain, thus we have great hopes that scenario will stay the same for the near and mid-term future.

As far as tourism is concerned, although some travelling restrictions are still into force (see the EU website for specific contry based information), you can feel safe here, same as we do, despite the precautions we do still take. Citizens of some Countries are requested to provide a max 72 hours old covid analysis or to provide one within the first 48 hours after entering the Country (there is specific service for that).

People may do not feel comfortable yet in travelling from overseas and I do perfectly understand, as I also am not planning any trip overseas in the very near future, but if things will keep on going this way and a vaccine will be availavle by the end of the year, travelling to Italy in a carefree way will be possibile again soon after Christmas break.

I just convey to you an important message: the Italian healthcare system is very efficient. We obvisouly complain about that as it might be better, but in case of emergencies, no hospitals can be compared to the Italians. Moreover, we believe that everyone has the right to medications, thus if you get the virus here and need assistance, you will get it. For free and at the highest possible level.

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