Travel Photo Challenge – Day 1

I’ve seen this travel photo challenge going on these past few days and I found it interesting to check my old travel photos and pick some that mean something special to me. People are supposed to be challenged by other bloggers but no one challenged me so far, thus I decided to volunteer to this.

The concept is to post 1 photo, without any commentary or explanation for 10 days and to invite readers to guess where the photo was taken. I went through several photos I took during my travel experiences and I have to be honest, it was very hard to choose just 10. I made it anyway but I decided to make it a bit difficult for you to discover the places. All of these photo mean something to me and my travelmates and still generate nice travel talks between us, good memories (even sad ones sometimes) and a sense for travelling which is never exhausted. I choose pictures from the last 20 years of travels thus some of them are not of good quality because I didn’t have good equipment at the beginning of my nomadic adventures around the world.

I hope you will enjoy the photos and try to guess in the comment section here below where the picture was taken. I’ll disclose all the places on day 11 unless you’ll find them yourself in advance and write the names in the comments before my disclosure.

Travel photo Challenge Day 1

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