Pick one of these destinations based on your Star Sign

In these past few months I often sat down to reflect about what would be my first trip when safe travels will be possible again. Although I have visited already several Countries, covering every continent (except Antarctica, which is on my wish list by the way) there still are plenty of places I have never been to, or areas of Countries I had to skip during my visits, which also deserve a visit. So what could one do to get inspiration for his/her own first after-covid trip? I searched my book shelves where travel guides for every single country on earth are kept, I watched dozens of documentaries, followed several bloggers and read about their amazing travel stories, and I also followed food bloggers from several areas to get familiar with the kind of food I should expect. I have short listed some destinations already, but still I haven’t made up my mind.

Although it is silly I found a article on a travel magazine published here in Italy in which destinations were recommended based on people’s Star Signs. I am totally out of astrology, but in this case I decided to deploy another opportunty to make up a list of possible destinations. Therefore, regardless if you believe that stars may influence your decisions or not, just exploit this post as an extra tool to decide what your first post pandemic travel might be. We may never tell when a good recommendation pops up.

Here below you’ll find my travel suggestions based on each of the main characteristics of the 12 Star Signs. It’s obviously a non astrology expert list. I simply based my selection by pairing the commonly shared personalities of each sign with my personal travel experiences and, in some cases, with my own wishlist.


People born under this star sign are always eager to show off their personality, they are very confident in their own knowledge, skills and abilities and are somehow impatients

Destination: New York

Statue of Liberty – New York. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

The New York motto is “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”. It’s a way to stress out the fact that New York is a city where some sort of self confidence is necessary to make something out of your life. It also is a city which offers so much to see and experience, which can therefore satisfy the search for emotions that Aries seems to be looking for. Another song says that New York is a “state of mind”, thus if self-confidence is the main characteristics of the Aries, New York is definetly their destination.


People born under the start sign of Taurus love traquil life, they do not like having concerns and are pretty faithful o both people and places.

Destination: Tuscany

Campo del Palio – Siena. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

For those who like travelling at a slow pace, enjoy the places in due time and skip any possible problem, Tuscany (in central Italy) is the best place. Just pick your stay at a “Podere” (a local farm turned into a bead and breakfast, and enjoy the sights, sip a glass of some delicious wine, drive to closeby cities and villages to see some cultural attractions (the choice is neverending in Tuscany) and get back for dinner where incredibly tasty food will be served.


The Gemini people are curious, they are in need of dscovering things and places and they also have a pretty good ability to adapt to circumstances.

Destination: Sub-Saharan Africa

Serengeti – Tanzania. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

Although high level accommodation are available in Africa (mostly owned by international hotel networks), the best way to spend your time on the wildlife continent and to enjoy safely some early monring wildlife visits is staying at a small lodge, possibly owned and run by locals. Prices are high anyway, unless you want to backpack, but the scenarios are unparalleled. For this reason should you not have a good adaptation attitude, like the Gemini, you may only want to stay at hotels instead of lodges. Recommended destinations are Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.


They love good company, chatting among friends, sharing memories in front of the fireplace. On the other side, however, they are pretty lazy

Destination: Zanzibar

Zanzibar – Tanzania. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

Although any of the tropical archipelagos of the Indian Ocean might work, Zanzibar is the perfect place for those looking for quiet, relax, amazing ocean breeze, good food (especially the fish) and some attractions, reachable in few minutes drive, that can still recall that the island is also part of Africa. The sea is great here, the reef is still populated by live corals, and dolphins will join your swim. In the evening, stay at your lodge and enjoy the sound of the wave in a distance, sipping a local beer and chatting with your family members, your friends, and the locals, who are pretty welcoming.


Leos do always want to get control of every situation, they usually tend to take control of other people’s initiatives. They also are a bit commanding but, especially, they always want to distinguish themselves from others

Destination: Greenland

Disko-bay-greenland. Photo from Pixabay

It might sound like a paradox to send Leo to Greenland but it might work well for their inexhausted desire to distinguish themselves. When meeting with friends and all of them will tell about about their travels to some “obvious” place, they will be those to revamp the talk with tales about a destination none of them ever thought about.


Although their obsession for precision may be a bit irritating sometimes, no one is a good organizer as a Virgo. They study and prepare themselves a lot, they select everything with extreme care and undergo a permanent self critique process.

Destination: Tour of the USA South-West Parks

Antelope Canyon – USA. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

Although it might be easy for any American to plan a tour of the National Parks (Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Natural Bridges, Arches, Bryce, etc…) for us, as Europeans, such travel require some good preparation, good abilities in designing the itinerary, and quite a good advance in identifying accommodations. If you are Virgo and you are aware that your planning and organizing abilities are good, the South West of the USA are a perfect destination to put yourself at a test.


They are in need of stability and do only enjoy themselves when at a quiet and tranquil place

Destination: Seychelles

Seychelles. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

If you are a Libra and feel you need to travel to a place that is safe and quite and which offers a great opportunity to spend few days under the sun, laying over glorious beaches with cristalline reefs, Seychelles are right there for you. This astonishingly beautiful archipelago preserves the intact beauty of it’s islands and is reminescent of the French domination that integrated some principles of the French cuisine with local raw materials, creating an incredible opportunity to enjoy some extra ordinary food.


They are not afraid of difficulties and in some cases thay even look for problems to solve, their reaction to adverse circumstances is immediate.

Destination: China

The Great Wall – China. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

For those like Scorpio, who like troubles, China is perfect. Although in the past 3 decades the tourist flows to China increased a lot, it is only on the coastline that visiting is simple. In the rest of the Country people do not speak anything else than Mandarin (and it’s countless variations) and they do not yet understand the value of tourism, thus they do behave as visitors do simply not exist: boarding a train is a real adventure, getting to know what you are eating is even more difficult. There are a lot of amazing attractions in China, both natural and historical but, if you travel on your own, be prepared to cope with at least an unforeseen difficulty every day of your stay.


Sagittarius are extroversial, friendly, they do not like complications of any sort and are pretty optimistic

Destination: Australia

Uluru – Australia. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

Although the record of the happiest people in the world belongs to Buthan (which still I have to visit), it is in Australia that people are friendly, happy and otimistic as if they had no concerns at all. It is probably due to the unique natural characteristics of this island which cause a smooth bent towards happiness in the people. You can feel it soon after landing. People you meet along the street are all smiling, gentle, polite and happy to show off the incredible beuty of their Country. The motto of the national tourist board is: there is nothing like Australia. As a matter of fact, there isn’t.


People born under the star sign of Capricorn are very cautious and sceptical, they do not hand out their trust easily and they rely more on their sense rather than on their sensitivity.

Destination: Japan

Kyoto – Japan. Photo from Pixabay

Although there is a wide set of romantic places in Japan (try a visit during the cherry trees blooming) and the Japanese have for sure their own intimate way of showing affection for each other, the Country is the land of technology. Everything is efficient and effective, the fastest train on earth joins quickly every city, services are excellent and food is now well known also in the western world. If you are a Capricorn and rely on sense rather than on sensibility, Japan is perfect for you.


Unselfish and generous, they have great immagination and creativity attitudes as well as a smart, open minded intelligence.

Destination: Italy

Italy – Photo by Matteo Gazzarata

Ok, I just wrote above that there is nothing like Australia but, to be honest: is there really a place that is better than Italy? Creativity is the DNA of the Italians and that is why there are some Italian items which conquered the whole world. The concept of “design” was born here, Pizza is the most popular food on earth, the Renaissance is the symbol of any art, joy of living, tasty food, smart solution to any problem. No, there really is nothing like Italy. For the good or for the bad, a trip to Italy is a full immersion into the best thing humans have created, surrounded by the widest variety of natural landscapes, spanning from the Alps to the bluest seas of Lampedusa. Aquarius are first in line here, but every other sign is welcome.


Sensitive and creative, their ambition if the perfect unison between body and soul.

Destination: India

Jodhpur – India. Photo by Gabriele Merlo

This is pretty obvious. Anyone who is interested in getting to know more about spirituality (within or outside the context of a specific religion) have dreamt of visiting India. Although the countless number of gods and goddesses of the Hindu Religion makes somehow difficult for us to understand it completely, it’s basic principles are pretty much those of a life in harmony with others and with nature. Although modern India is a pretty hectic Country where the ICT companies of Bangalore, do not match well with the poverty of some city suburbs, it still is a place to visit if you aim at understanding how life can be different based on your census and your escape strategies are pretty much non existent if you weren’t born rich.

I have completed this unusual Star Signs tour but I still have a quick challenge for you:

Based on my travel reports so far on this blog, can you guess what my Star Sign is? Write your guess in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Pick one of these destinations based on your Star Sign

  1. What a fun post! I’m a Taurus, and I’ve been to Tuscany. I’d go back, but there are many more places I’d like to visit for the first time. We lost out on quite a few countries with our canceled trip in 2020.

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