Italy: face masks off

As of Monday 28th 2021, wearing a face mask outdoor is not mandatory anymore in Italy. Although some safety measures remain into force (masks are still to be worn at any indoor event), restrictions are going to be eased on a step by step basis by keeping the data under constant control.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Italy in Summer or Autumn 2021 you are welcome and safe, thus let me just share with you some pictures of my beautiful Region, which still is away of the most beaten routes and supplies opportunities for incredible cultural, food and wine and outdoor experiences: Piedmont

I took all these pictures miself thus they are not of professional quality, but I believe they can act as an invitation to my Region.

Unesco Vineyards
Unesco Vineyards of Monferrato – photo by Matteo Gazzarata
Piazza San Carlo – Torino
Holy Shroud Chapel, Torino
Holy Shroud Chapel, Torino
The Art Parl La Court – Castelnuovo Calcea
Lake Maggiore
Island of St. Giulio d’Orta, Lake Orta
Agnolotti del plin
Holy Abbey of St. Michel
Monviso. Photo by Matteo Gazzarata
Mole Antonelliana and the Alps around Torino – Photo by Matteo Gazzarata
Espresso Machine. Photo by Matteo Gazzarata
Umbertini, a local delicacy of Chocolate and Hazelnuts
The Crypt of St. Anastasius in Asti

3 thoughts on “Italy: face masks off

  1. Your hometown is beautiful. Breathtaking pictures as well! Congrats on the masks off. In San Francisco, the mask mandate has been lifted off as well on July 6 except in few places as such as public transportation, health care settings and mega events.

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