In medio stat virtus: why Italy won Uefa 2020

Italy is one of the most successful Countries worldwide at soccer: 4 times world champion and 2 times continental champion, as well the birthplace of some of the most successful players of all time

Italy mourns her Goddess: Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Carrà was not juts the most beloved tv enterteiner of all time in Italy, she also was kind of a family member for all of us, whose role was different depending on our age: a mother, a sister, an aunt, but most of all she was a goddess, and is whay we all thaught she was immortal and why the new of her death is so devastating for all of us.

Art in the vineyard: Art Park La Court

Everything speaks of wine in this area: while driving from point A to point B you see nothing else but vineyards and, once you reach the "summit of the Cipresses", a wide scenic view opens up before your eyes, spanning from Castelnuovo to San Marzano Oliveto, Moasca, Calosso and Agliano Terme, 5 villages strictly devoted to wine making.