The Flight of the Angels at Victoria Falls

I have been to Victoria Falls twice, in 2016 and 2019. Both times I experienced one of the most powerful shows of nature. However in 2019 the whole Zambezi River basin suffered quite a serious drought, and the volume of water dropping down into the gorge was quite low.

Arts and crafts in Tanzania: painting, jewels and markets.

Are you souvenir persons? I am not. I don’t dislike them but I live in a very small house and I don’t have much room to allocate to souvenirs from the 132 countries I’ve travelled to so far. During my trips I do usually buy items that I can actually use once back at my home or I can see every day to spare a thought for an old travel rather than objects that I have to place in a hidden corner of my house to let cover in dust and forget about.

Travelling at time of pandemic. Interview with a safari company

The tourism industry is at halt worldwide with massive impact on the live of many workers worldwide. However this is not the time to dispair. I spoke to Salim Mrindoko about that, owner of safari tour company named Off the Beaten Path, based in Arusha - Tanzania - and for those of you you are wondering if it's woth to plan a trip to Africa, this is the response,

Out of Africa: Tanzania

I know practically no one who has returned from this extraordinary continent and has not suffered what the Italians call "Mal d’Africa". A pleasant feeling of nostalgia that pervades us when we return from a trip over there, which has disclosed us our origins, wild and ancestral landscapes that penetrate our emotions in such a powerful way that we cannot help but want to return, as soon as possible.