In medio stat virtus: why Italy won Uefa 2020

Italy is one of the most successful Countries worldwide at soccer: 4 times world champion and 2 times continental champion, as well the birthplace of some of the most successful players of all time

Italy mourns her Goddess: Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Carrà was not juts the most beloved tv enterteiner of all time in Italy, she also was kind of a family member for all of us, whose role was different depending on our age: a mother, a sister, an aunt, but most of all she was a goddess, and is whay we all thaught she was immortal and why the new of her death is so devastating for all of us.

Art in the vineyard: Art Park La Court

Everything speaks of wine in this area: while driving from point A to point B you see nothing else but vineyards and, once you reach the "summit of the Cipresses", a wide scenic view opens up before your eyes, spanning from Castelnuovo to San Marzano Oliveto, Moasca, Calosso and Agliano Terme, 5 villages strictly devoted to wine making.

The UNESCO series: Ivrea, industrial city of the XXth century

Despite being a very beautiful town, founded by the Romans (whose trace are still today visible in the roman bridge over the Dora Baltea river) under the name Eporedia, and despite being the birth place of Arduino, a man who was crowned the first king of Italy in 1002 (whose castle is still towering on the hill above the city), Ivrea has been a hub of the modern industrial production for a long period of time, spanning from the early 1900s up to the 1980s. Many city have an industrial past so why should Ivrea count more than others? The Unesco Committee provides us with the response.