The most beautiful boat in the world

"Who are you?" " Amerigo Vespucci - training ship of the Italian Navy" "No, you are just the most beautiful boat in the world".

The UNESCO series: The Archaelogical area of Agrigento

Agrigento (or Girgenti as the locals are used to call it) is a small city on the south eastern coast of Sicily. However it is also a former Greek Colony called Akragas. The Greek heritage is still well preserved, although 3000 years of history have passed since their presence so that what we see today are the remains of a huge city rich of temples, named after the Greek pantheon.

Erasmus+ : the greatest travel supporter

Among the several programmes of the EU, the one which is the real Flagship of the whole EU adventure is called "Erasmus+". It's the programme for Education and Training which supports students, teachers, professionals and adults in the implementation of transnational mobility schemes and research programmes at every level, from primary school students to PhDs.

The Bread and the Executioner: a short story from Turin

Have you ever wondered how the sandwich bread was born? I am talking about that squared bread cut into slices that we all use to make sandwiches, everywhere on this planent. Like many recipes, from every culinary tradition, there is a story behind it origin, which in this case is pretty sad but turned out into a product that is now consumed by billions of people, on a daily basis, in 5 continents.

Pick one of these destinations based on your Star Sign

What could one do to get inspiration for his/her own first after-covid trip? I searched my book shelves where travel guides for every single country on earth are kept, I watched dozens of documentaries, followed several bloggers and read about their amazing travel stories, and I also followed food bloggers from several areas to get familiar with the kind of food I should expect. I have short listed some destinations already, but still I haven't made up my mind.