What is the best Foliage for you?

It's foliage time in several areas of the Planet, thus we are all preparing to watch our landscapes change from the summer bright green and the golden yellow of the crop fields into an incredible colour palette

What Boris Johnson does not understand about Italy

Last week, the Wolrd Health Organization released a video about the Italian response to the Covid-19 situation and praised what the Goverment, the health system and its operators, as well as the whole population did in the past few months to counteract the pandemic, leading the Country to be now the least impacted context in … Continue reading What Boris Johnson does not understand about Italy

Travelling is like finding precious stones

When thinking about travelling, each place has a value. Be it big or be it small, it's just up to our perception of it and how much it impacted on out lives. Therefore I decided to pair precious stones to each continent, based on my personal perception of them. It's not a scoring of possible travel destinations but the impressions I got after exploring quite a big portion of this planet.