Cocktail Bellini: the glamourous Italian aperitivo

In 1949 the city of Venice hosted an impressive exhibition about the late Renaissant painter Giovanni Bellini. To honour such a big personality the owner of the famous Harry’s Bar of Venice named Giuseppe Cipriani, created a new cocktail aiming at reproducing the sweet pastel shades of the painter’s palette.

The Italian Aperitivo we all should have, at least once.

Summer is approaching and, although some social distancing will still be necessary, the Italians will re-start one of their most pleasant traditions: the “Aperitivo”. It is tipically Italian, although it is nowadays pretty common in several Countries around the world, especially in the Mediterranean sea. It’s a simple way to spare some time with our dearest friends, our work mates, our families, sharing a drink and some snacks before having lunch or dinner.