Noto: the Baroque capital of Sicily

In 2002, UNESCO included the baroque cities of Val di Noto in the list of the World Heritage sites. It is not just one place but a set of cities whose reconstruction in the late baroque era, created an impressive and unprecendented monumental valley, enriched with noble palaces of particular interest as well as of unique beauty.

Arts and crafts in Tanzania: painting, jewels and markets.

Are you souvenir persons? I am not. I don’t dislike them but I live in a very small house and I don’t have much room to allocate to souvenirs from the 132 countries I’ve travelled to so far. During my trips I do usually buy items that I can actually use once back at my home or I can see every day to spare a thought for an old travel rather than objects that I have to place in a hidden corner of my house to let cover in dust and forget about.