Erasmus+ : the greatest travel supporter

Among the several programmes of the EU, the one which is the real Flagship of the whole EU adventure is called "Erasmus+". It's the programme for Education and Training which supports students, teachers, professionals and adults in the implementation of transnational mobility schemes and research programmes at every level, from primary school students to PhDs.

Good Luck Italy!!!

I don't usually post about politics, unless I feel it is necessary to voice my point of view. This is one of those occasions I feel there is a need to share what I feel about the present "Crisi di Governo", which is ongoing in Italy these days.

Travelling is like finding precious stones

When thinking about travelling, each place has a value. Be it big or be it small, it's just up to our perception of it and how much it impacted on out lives. Therefore I decided to pair precious stones to each continent, based on my personal perception of them. It's not a scoring of possible travel destinations but the impressions I got after exploring quite a big portion of this planet.