Volcanoes of Italy

The reason why I am writing again about the Etna is that on february 15th and 16th, the Etna performed a major spectacular eruption, therefore the ordinary volcanic daily activity which I assisted was nothing in comparison. What impressed me of this new eruption is that I actually walked right on that rim, which erupted with explosions and lava flows.

An impressive view over the Alps

If you want to reach the highest tips of the Alps you must go to Italy (although the location of the highest cliff of Mount Blanc is still an open controversy between Italy and France): Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and the Pink Mount are all in Italy, (although they are accessible also from France and Swizterland)

Torino, Florence and Rome, the three Capitals of Italy

One thing that most of the visitors often take for granted is that Italy has always been one single Country. The truth is pretty different. I think it might be useful to offer you with another perspective and suggest a different travel itinerary based on the process which led the Italian Peninsula to unify itself under the flag of a single Monarch: the House of Savoy.