An impressive view over the Alps

If you want to reach the highest tips of the Alps you must go to Italy (although the location of the highest cliff of Mount Blanc is still an open controversy between Italy and France): Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and the Pink Mount are all in Italy, (although they are accessible also from France and Swizterland)

Osteria, Ristorante, Trattoria…what’s the difference?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from anyone visiting Italy is about the various nouns we use to name a place where you can have lunch or dinner. It should be very easy because in the rest of the world these places are commonly referred to as Restaurants, while in Italy we call them in several different ways and that is why sometimes, foreigners are confused and can't understand the difference between a Osteria and a Trattoria, or between a Taverna and a Restaurant.

Torino, Florence and Rome, the three Capitals of Italy

One thing that most of the visitors often take for granted is that Italy has always been one single Country. The truth is pretty different. I think it might be useful to offer you with another perspective and suggest a different travel itinerary based on the process which led the Italian Peninsula to unify itself under the flag of a single Monarch: the House of Savoy.

10 Cities for 10 Operas

Have you ever wondered where the scenes of the operas are? Where does those dramatic or comic event take place? I did, and I found 10 places to visit based on the plot of some very popular Operas and some of the least represented worldwide. I have identified 10 cities (actually 11) or geographical areas that in some cases I already know, in some others cases are brand new to me.