Cooking exercise before travelling-Asti

Today’s recipe is based on a specific kind of meat: the veal. Not any veal but what is considered the best variety on a global scale: the Fassone Piemontese. This is definetly the best for raw meat-based recipes.

Cooking exercise before travelling hazelnut cake

If you enjoyed my latest post about the Langhe and Monferrato region and you are thinking of planning a visit, I propose you a simple and quick food exercise to train your palate to one of the most genuine flavors of the cooking tradition of this area: the hazelnut!Be aware that I am not talking … Continue reading Cooking exercise before travelling hazelnut cake

For wine lovers only

If you are a big wine lover, Italy offers quite a lot of opportunities as grapes are cultivated everywhere within the Country. However one thing is sipping a good wine at home in front of your fireplace, which is a relaxing activity by the way, while a completely different experience is tasting a wine at a cellar where the wine is actually made, under the guidance of an expert vine grower.