Travel Photo Challenge – Disclosing locations

Today I am disclosing all the locations and I hope that my pictures will be able to give you some good travel ideas should you have never visited the places I captured, but remember: don't watch everything through the lenses of your camera. Take your picture (don't look for the perfect one) and then put your camera away and enjoy the view.

My last bike tour in Turin to the small “Pantheon”.

My latest bike tour of Turin took me to the edges of the municipality, just before heading to the Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi. In fact if you take a left before entering the long boulevard taking to the facade of Stupinigi, the bike lane takes you to another very beutiful place, often neglected and forgotten, even by the locals, which also is not included into any city tour I am aware of: The Mausoleum of the Beautiful Rose (la bela Rusin).