The UNESCO series: The Archaelogical area of Agrigento

Agrigento (or Girgenti as the locals are used to call it) is a small city on the south eastern coast of Sicily. However it is also a former Greek Colony called Akragas. The Greek heritage is still well preserved, although 3000 years of history have passed since their presence so that what we see today are the remains of a huge city rich of temples, named after the Greek pantheon.

Torino, Florence and Rome, the three Capitals of Italy

One thing that most of the visitors often take for granted is that Italy has always been one single Country. The truth is pretty different. I think it might be useful to offer you with another perspective and suggest a different travel itinerary based on the process which led the Italian Peninsula to unify itself under the flag of a single Monarch: the House of Savoy.

The Arab-Norman heritage of Palermo, Sicily.

On my last day in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, I decided to go visit the UNESCO heritage sites of the city, listed under the title "The Arab-Norman sites of Palermo, Monreale and Caflù". In fact it's not a single site but a complex of buildings located in 3 different cities, all of which dating back to the Arab and the Norman domination of the Island.