Elephant Pride: why I am not travelling to Botswana anymore.

If I had to choose a country where my safari experiences have been the best I would definitely say: Botswana. I have been to Botswana several times in the past years, but I decided I’m not going there anymore.

Arts and crafts in Tanzania: painting, jewels and markets.

Are you souvenir persons? I am not. I don’t dislike them but I live in a very small house and I don’t have much room to allocate to souvenirs from the 132 countries I’ve travelled to so far. During my trips I do usually buy items that I can actually use once back at my home or I can see every day to spare a thought for an old travel rather than objects that I have to place in a hidden corner of my house to let cover in dust and forget about.

Cooking exercise before travelling. Mtori Soup

Therefore, today I present you a traditional recipe of the Swahili cuisine. One of those recipes that moved in time down generation after generation, and that fed, and still feeds, young Tanzans, thanks to its extraordinary energetic properties and the local availability of simple raw materials, yest exceptional at the same time. It is a main course with a sweet taste and yet a full meal: the soup called Mtori.