Art: celebrating Raphael, the Renaissance master

International travels seem to be far at the moment, thus making travel planning a time-waste activity. It is definitely not so. Although it might takes some time before being allowed to travel again in a safe mode, travel planning still is the most necessary activity we can invest our time with. Just put our travel suggestions into your bucket list and take it out in 1 year from now.

APULIA: 5 tips for an extra ordinary tour.

Apulia, the heel of Italy touched by two seas, is becoming increasingly popular among travelers, for the combination of weather, nature, sea, history, art, and – of course – food and wine. Many foreign dominations have left their traces here through the centuries, from the Greek to the Byzantine, to the Spanish and the French; these traces are still alive in the local culture, in the peculiar architectural styles, in the Apulian dialects, and also in the culinary traditions.