Noto: the Baroque capital of Sicily

In 2002, UNESCO included the baroque cities of Val di Noto in the list of the World Heritage sites. It is not just one place but a set of cities whose reconstruction in the late baroque era, created an impressive and unprecendented monumental valley, enriched with noble palaces of particular interest as well as of unique beauty.

Taormina and its posh style

I drove approximately 30 minutes on the highway following the signs for Catania. Taormina is halfway between Massina and Catania, located on a rock overlooking the Ionian Sea, the Etna Volcano and the plain of Naxos, which is well known for its citrus cultivation (lemons and oranges).

A great stopover on my way to Sicily

On my way to Sicily I planned just one stop in the city of Caserta. You might have never heard of it because the city is so close to Naples (just 30 km) that its fame is engulfed by that: the city of the Vesuvius is so attractive for many, that several do not turn their back to the mainland to vist one of the most imposing building in the world: the Reggia di Caserta.