Bucatini al Forno…delicious!!!

Todays' recipe is one of my grandmother's favourite as well as the tastiest pasta ever: Bucatini al forno. It is basically a baked pasta cooked directly into the tomato sauce which thickens and reduce so much that the surface of the pasta gets soaked with it....delicious.

Vegetarian Italy

The recipe I am presenting you today is my mother's interpretation of a simple dish made with Broccoli and Cauliflowers, which she learnt from my grandmother, who also learnt it from her mother, and so on, till the beginning of times.

Enjoying the food markets

From the market of Humauaca in the Jujuy Province of Argentina to the central market of Arusha in Tanzania and from the Borough Market in London to Ballarò in Palermo, I have been visiting so many markets that I learnt about vegetables which I didn't even know as well as so many different recipes that I sometimes feel there is no better way to understand the local culture then visiting a food market.