The perfect marriage: Grappa and Amaretto

Amaretto is simply "Amaretto". It's an almond based preparation, which also includes some egg whites and grinded apricot bone that gives a light bitter taste to the biscuit (amaro in Italian mean "bitter"). Amaretto is probably the most beloved italian biscuit. I know nobody who didn't like it, either italian of foreigner.

Oman: a scent obsessed Country.

Oman offers a lot to see, from the medievall forts on the Hajar Mountains to the sand desert of Bidiyah and the beach resorts in Salalah. However Oman also provides an incredible opportunity to dive into a world of perfume with dozens of scents you’ve never smelled before and a countless variety of blends and choices.

A Jurassic adventure at Galapagos Islands.

I have noticed that several travel bloggers are updating their bucket lists and share them with us. There is one place that pretty often appears as a favourite destination for many of them: Galapagos. Since I’ve recently been there I decided to share some suggestions and recommendation which will probably make your travel planning a bit easier.