Travel responsibly: reduce your environment impact while travelling.

Although my blog is not meant to support causes at political level, there is a set of activities in the tourism industry that cause pollution on a global scale and should be approached consciously of the damages we may cause to the planet while travelling.

What to pack for a Safari?

Have you ever been on a Safari? If yes, then you know well what unforgettable emotions this experience can give, if not, you are probably wondering what makes this experience so extraordinary, what emotions and what memories it will provide you, but, above all how, you should also prepare yourself to face it in the best way.

Cooking exercise before travelling. Georgian Khinkali

Georgian cuisine is extremely tasty and varied depending on the region. From a cultural point of view, eating and drinking are vital aspects of Georgian culture, as well as their love for friends and family. Georgians perfectly combine them - and show their great hospitality - during the so-called feast “supra”, offered spontaneously to the lucky guests.