Zucchini Parmigiana, easy and tasty

What I am presenting today is a "parmigiana" made with Zucchini instead of Eggplant. The main ingredient changes but the procedure stays "almost" the same. If you had to stick to very traditional recipe, the vegetable shoud be fried, but I don't like to fry that much thus I grilled my zucchini instead. Here below is the recipe, easy and very tasty.

Vegetarian Italy

The recipe I am presenting you today is my mother's interpretation of a simple dish made with Broccoli and Cauliflowers, which she learnt from my grandmother, who also learnt it from her mother, and so on, till the beginning of times.

Minestrone: the most iconic Italian Vegetable soup

Minestrone is mostly a “concept” rather than a recipe as ingredients vary a lot based on seasonality and geographical area. The final result changes quite a lot every time you make it as vegetable do not have standard sizes and your personal taste may like it with more of this and less of that, or you may include even legumes to make it more consistent and to increase its nutritional value.

Easter Lunch? Vegetarian Lasagna

My suggestion for Easter lunch: Vegetarian Lasagna. I know what you are thinking: being Italian, using the word Lasagna for a dish other than the traditional and delicious baked pasta, known all over the world, is almost a heresy. It is, in fact. However, calling this recipe “baked seasoned vegetables” is not correct, neither “vegetable pie” nor “layered vegetables” ... the most visually appropriate solution of what the final result should look like is simply: