Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores: Risotto is for everyone.

You can actually make risotto with any ingredient you like: cheese, wine, sausage, vegetables, mushrooms and so on. There is basically no food wich cannot be used for making a good risotto, which is is pretty good because all of us are allowed to make our own special risotto regardless if we are omnivore, vegetarian or vegan: risotto is for everyone.

Easter Lunch? Vegetarian Lasagna

My suggestion for Easter lunch: Vegetarian Lasagna. I know what you are thinking: being Italian, using the word Lasagna for a dish other than the traditional and delicious baked pasta, known all over the world, is almost a heresy. It is, in fact. However, calling this recipe “baked seasoned vegetables” is not correct, neither “vegetable pie” nor “layered vegetables” ... the most visually appropriate solution of what the final result should look like is simply: