The UNESCO series: Reggia di Caserta

Hindered by it's location, few miles away from the bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia and very close the Vesuvius, the mighty Royal Palace of Caserta is pretty often neglected by tourists, despite it's undeniable value. Not only the Palace is surrounded by a complex of natural beauties, including the marvellous aqueduct built by architect Vanvitelli, but also is the largest royal palace in the world by volume (expressed in cubic meters).

Volcanoes of Italy

The reason why I am writing again about the Etna is that on february 15th and 16th, the Etna performed a major spectacular eruption, therefore the ordinary volcanic daily activity which I assisted was nothing in comparison. What impressed me of this new eruption is that I actually walked right on that rim, which erupted with explosions and lava flows.

Naples: a pandemic of solidarity

The Italians have always been big travelers, explorers, poets, artists, musicians, writers and statesmen. No other people in the world is surrounded by beauty such as the Italians, both the natural one and that produced the creativity and the mastery of their ancestors, which is proved by the immense artistic heritage of the Country, which ranks 1st in the UNESCO world heritage list.