Cooking exercise before travelling-Asti

Today’s recipe is based on a specific kind of meat: the veal. Not any veal but what is considered the best variety on a global scale: the Fassone Piemontese. This is definetly the best for raw meat-based recipes.

Cooking exercise before travelling. Agnolotti del Plin

If I had to pick something good of being stuck in my home due to the Covid 19 global outbreak, I would say that I have plenty of time to plan my next travel. We just need to wait, respect the rules our governments are giving us to prevent further development of the virus, and … Continue reading Cooking exercise before travelling. Agnolotti del Plin

Cooking exercise – Venice

When you travel to Italy you discover that each city, town or village as well each region have its own cooking tradition. Along the coastline, many recipes will be based on fish,  in the countryside meat and vegetable play the main role and anywhere you find great cheese, salami, hams, breads, vegetables and several interpretation … Continue reading Cooking exercise – Venice

For wine lovers only

If you are a big wine lover, Italy offers quite a lot of opportunities as grapes are cultivated everywhere within the Country. However one thing is sipping a good wine at home in front of your fireplace, which is a relaxing activity by the way, while a completely different experience is tasting a wine at a cellar where the wine is actually made, under the guidance of an expert vine grower.